Low credit scores should be temporary and there are ways to increase and stabilize them. No matter what your situation was, we will help you make it better.


Scores Gone Up In 4 Months

I’ve been with credit repair about 4 months almost and my score has gone up tremendously I am so excited! WEHELPFIXCREDIT works so quickly.

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Great Customer Service

The journey is amazing! She is very knowledgeable. She is able to answer questions you have and patiently explain until you understand.

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We Bring You The Key To Cheap Finance Fast!


While it may seem obvious to state it, credit reports are predominantly concerned with assessing the risk involved in lending money to you. Lenders are obsessed with one thing, getting repaid, and their entire industry revolves around making this occur. Therefore, they have developed the credit score that will assess your likely hood of repaying them and this is then used to either approve or reject your application for credit.

While this is the basic purpose, some more sophisticated lenders desire to get in on an ever-larger share of the market and in order to lend to higher-risk borrowers, they create different categories of loans in which people with lower scores can qualify for. These loans will invariably have higher interest rates and other less favorable conditions and this will be the price you pay for having a lower credit rating.


Better credit means you’ll have access to cheaper finance.

Our fast and powerful process was designed to raise your credit scores by as many points and as quickly as possible by verifying the accuracy of accounts through multiple advanced tactics. Our process includes both the credit bureau and creditor direct audits. By disputing and removing inaccurate, erroneous, misleading, outdated, unverifiable negative accounts with the credit bureaus and creditors, our clients see remarkable results.

By working directly with creditors for settlement or deletion letters, taking advantage of all categories of the score calculation and being sure you have the right amount of open accounts with the perfect utilization, not only will you see a change in items, but also an increase in scores!


They’re Up On Their Game

I recommend WeHelpFixCredit. They waste NO time getting your credit where it needs to be. My points went up on my credit report in the first 20 days

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We Are Grateful

There have been significant changes to mine and my daughter’s credit within the last 30 days. I am grateful that I found WeHelpFixCredit.

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