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Frequently Asked Questions

why should i work with credit report companies, and specifically we help fix credit?

Our professionals are on your side and work with you when it comes to credit repair. Our objective is to help you obtain your financial goals.

What can you do to repair my credit report and increase my credit scores?

We assist you with the process of checking your credit report regularly and providing assistance by contacting credit reporting agencies about any errors or corrections. In addition, we provide assistance for planning for repair.

Do I need to put all my credit cards away?

When your credit is being repaired you shouldn’t cut up your credit cards or close the accounts. Your payments to such a credit card will help you repair your credit score. It will also leave your credit card accounts open in case of an emergency.

Is it common to have imperfect credit? I had some financial hardship that made me got into this place.

Over half of all Americans could improve their credit report. Some only do a few very simple things and others need to take effort. We Fix Credit will work with you.

How long should I expect before i see results and what's the length of the subscriptions?

We want you to feel comfortable with whom you are working with and that we are a good fit. We’ll show you about a plan and a proposed amount of time in which your credit can be repaired. 

What do i need to tell We Help Fix Credit?

We will want to know if you’re thinking about getting a loan or any specific objectives. We can review your reports and set up a plan of action if your credit score is in need of more repair before you apply and get rejected.

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